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Our biggest problem today is the energy, our constantly growing energy need. The wind, the sunshine, the rivers and all other renewables are significant sources, but they cannot replace neither the slowly running out conventional production nor the nuclear based generation, the necessary worst.

And yes, we cannot start again with a technology, just of a new destructive version, whatever way it would be.

The first step to find the right source is the change of the approach.

The limitless energy source is in front of us, but with the tools of physics today - with conventional approach - we would never find it.

I am with full respect to all institutions in physics and physicists, but please note there have been principal issues left without solutions, simple being stepped over not just for decades, but for centuries. I am confident you will agree with me, the examples below are not the kind of details to be clarified somewhere and sometime rather the ones, the impact of which can modify the basic principles of the scientific approach.

  1. Einstein consequently refers to the speed of light in empty space in his study of 1905 “On the electrodynamics of moving bodies”. But what does this mean: empty space? And analogue to this you find today the definition about the speed of photons in vacuum. The meaning of photons is controversial enough, but what the physical meaning of the vacuum is? You will agree with me that it cannot be about the enclosed nothing.
  2. We read the Newtonian and the Einsteinian explanations of gravitation. Those are however mainly the observations and the diagnosis themselves. But what the real physical reason and the explanation of the fact are that all subjects in free fall accelerate by the same value? Was gravitation examined from all its relativistic aspects, like the acceleration of the Earth surface itself? Whatever unbelievable posing this kind of term would be. Or all we have just been satisfied having the proof of the Newtonian theory merely by the repetition of the original concept? 
  3. The official physics says without any concern that the normal Hydrogen does not have neutron. Why? Does it mean there are two rules in the nature for elementary structures: one for the Hydrogen process and one for all other elementary processes? 

These three example-concerns are already good enough for questioning the existing actual scientific approach and the standard model. But the particle based conventional model against the process/event based approach – presented at this site – is not just about the correct definition of time, rather more importantly about the general scientific view. The particle based standard model means categorization and in fact a universe with its limits. The process based approach means freedom and the infinity of the world around us. 

The process based approach gives answers to all the above examples of the concern.

There is a huge difference between being not capable to measure the neutron process (as an event) of the Hydrogen process, because of its infinite low intensity or stating the Hydrogen is without neutron.

The space is not about emptiness, rather full of quantum impulses, (energy quantum, quantum), having constantly been generated by elementary processes. The generating quantum impulses (energy quantum, quantum) establish the space. The quantum impulse is transferring all quantum signals in any direction with the quantum speed of communication. For accepting a quantum impulse of infinite low intensity, the entropy product of all elementary processes as the building stone-component of the quantum systems and the space would necessitate however to give up the photon as the other encaustic category (which is by the way controversial enough with is twofold definition). Is the official conventional approach ready to do this?

Gravitation is the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration of the Earth plasma – a different to ours space-time. The quantum impact of gravitation is the quantum impact of the anti-electron processes of the elementary processes of the evolution of the Earth from the plasma state to the Hydrogen process.

Gravitation is our quantum treasure, our energy source!


  • to the infinite variety of quantum speed;
  • to the infinite variety of the intensities of elementary processes;
  • to the proton process as sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration;
  • to the electron process as the quantum drive of the neutron collapse;
  • to the sphere symmetrical accelerating collapse, driven by the electron process;
  • to the definition of the quantum drive;
  • to the definition of the acceleration with constant speed;
  • to the processes and anti-processes;
  • to the definition of the space-time;
  • to the definition of time;
  • … and to many others  

Welcome to the process based approach.

Max Planck said that a new approach would never be accepted by those believing in the old way of thinking. The new approach needs new generation. This is the reason I write my books.

The executive summaries of the books are here:

The Energy Balance of Relativity, 2007;

Quantum Energy and Mass Balance, 2009;

Quantum Engine, 2011;

Gravitation: our Quantum Treasure, 2013; and

The Quantum Impulse and the Space-Time Matrix, 2015. 

The short introduction of the books is given within the Books section of the site.