Zoltan J Kiss
1.3 billion years are off

The half-life of the Potassium-40 (Kalium-40) isotope was reduced by the effect of a certain mix of especially selected elementary processes – decomix – from 1.3 billion years to a couple of minutes!

The measured data of the experiment are here attached.

KOH was used for the experiment, as this is the only free for purchase chemical product.

The shortening of the half-life is not alchemy, neither transmutation rather result of the rehabilitation of the damage of the elementary balance of the isotope.

The explanation needs a new way of logic in physics: the process based elementary approach. The data of the measurement are given in the attachment. 

Isotopes are of damaged elementary balance.

Each elementary process has its (proton process)/(neutron process) intensity balance, established by the electron process blue shift drive. The elementary evolution from plasma to the Hydrogen process as natural process produces isotopes anyway.

The balance can be restored by especially arranged elementary communication.

The supporting to the rehabilitation elementary processes (Si, Ca, S, C, O, Ni, He, H) will be damaged, but their self-rehabilitation is short - couple of minutes (except the longest Ca for around 60 days).