Zoltan J Kiss

The Energy Balance of Relativity: The Theory of Event Concentration and Acceleration for Infinite Time

The Energy Balance of Relativity, The Theory of Event Concentration and Acceleration for Infinite Time
by Zoltan J Kiss   www.trafford.com/06-3261


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Zoltan J Kiss re-examines Einstein's ground-breaking work on relativity. He uncovers and resolves the significant inconsistencies which he demonstrates impose unnecessary limitations on the full flowering of the theories of relativity.

The book states that the real reciprocal character is missing from the existing concept of relativity, therefore the time formula in the Special Theory is inadequate. The book also proves that there is a misunderstanding and misinterpretation on the transformation of space coordinates in the Special Theory.

The energy balance approach introduced by the book shows that the collision of electromagnetic waves with inert bodies or systems of reference in acceleration in a space without gravitational field results in similar effect as Einstein a priori attributed to Gravitation.

The findings of the book are questioning the foundation of the General Theory and state the Euclidean geometry still holds good, but the approach must be changed.

The book offers the correct formula for the time relations of systems of reference in relative motion, characterises the unity of the mass-energy balance, defines new categories of intensity of events and event concentration, describes the motion with v=lim c, the acceleration for infinite time, extends the meaning of Doppler's formula, investigates the blue and red shift of electromagnetic waves and gives the premium formula of the blue and red shift sequence for use.

His energy balance approach brings Kiss to a revolutionary new definition of Gravitation, a definition which offers the world a new source of energy.





Quantum Energy And Mass Balance

Quantum Energy And Mass Balance, The Gift of the Earth 
by Zoltan J Kiss  www.trafford.com/08-1547

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In his second book, Zoltan J Kiss brings his original research on the energy balance of relativity to a revolutionary conclusion. He proves that the quantum energy impact of the Earth provides mankind with an energy surplus, a gift, for us to use.

His book is exciting reading even for non physicists. The quantum energy based explanations grant the book a specific value. Reading the book you will be participating in discussions — among many others — on the quantum energy and mass balance of the atomic structure of elements, the magnet, the speed of light, the plasma, the nature of water and fire, and on electric, hydrocarbon and nuclear engines.

The author's relativistic quantum approach is fascinating. Proofs have been provided through mathematics but also supplemented with practical examples.
Zoltan J Kiss successfully achieves his aim. He shows that we have a potential new energy source to exploit. This is the quantum energy impact of the motion of the Earth.



Quantum Engine  


by Zoltan J Kiss

In his third book, Zoltan J Kiss further develops his findings from his research into the mass — energy balance, as Kiss introduces his reader to the most revolutionary idea of all, producing a limitless supply of energy for the use of all Mankind.


The mass—energy balance approach is the key. The balance and the harmony of the transformation of mass into energy and the re-transformation of energy into mass will provide the Quantum Engine. The Earth is part of this balance and gravitation is the drive of this process. Kiss proves that acceleration generates electricity: particle accelerators with particles in motion with speed close to the speed of light are kinds of power plants, generating electricity.

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This is not an energy from nothing, rather transformation of the blue shift energy of the gravitation of the Earth into electron flow. The quantum energy gift of the Earth is for use. 

Gravitation: our Quantum Treasure   

by Zoltan J Kiss                                                                          



Gravitation, the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration of Earth means Earth’s surface is “falling” under our feet!

The surface of the Earth is accelerating together with us.We are taken by the surface of the Earth. Earth surface is approaching us if having been in “free fall”. While we have all evidence to prove it - through all of our everyday life, activity and all of our actions - it is so strange that it is difficult to believe it. We do not trust to our intuition, experience, because that is so unbelievable.

This book on Gravitation: our Quantum Treasure does not want to convince you about the truth of the above told. The purpose of the book is to show Nature is granting us the chance to use the infinite energy capacity of gravitation. The future is about motion and electricity generation, based on gravitation.

Book conclusions are based on process approach, on quantum energy and mass balance, on elementary proton-, neutron-, electron-, quark- and other processes, on the definition of time, the understanding of intensity.

Time flow is the life itself with constant change and with the main rule: try to be in balance.

The book is giving explanations and describes events on quantum basis, provides the perspective for the utilisation of Gravitation: our Quantum Treasure.

The Quantum Impulse and the Space-Time Matrix

by Zoltan J Kiss



The Quantum Impulse and the Space-Time Matrix is Zoltan J Kiss fifth book in a row proposing a different scientific way of viewing the world, namely, that the world is based on events. Elements and elementary components are processes. This is the only way the definition of time has its sense at all levels of the elementary evolution from the plasma to the Hydrogen process.

The quantum impulse of infinite low intensity (the energy quantum) is the entropy product of the elementary cycle. It is the building stone of the quantum system of the space-time. Quantum impulses transfer quantum impacts, signals, light and all quantum information in any direction by the speed of quantum communication. Whatever the impacting signal is, the energy quantum remains as it was before – infinitely small, never expiring quantum impulse without change.

The space-time is about the speed and the intensity of the quantum communication. The space-time matrix is the complexity of space-times with the infinite large variety of the speed of quantum communication.

Anti-processes control the elementary balance of the elementary processes and ensure the continuity of the elementary evolution. The surplus of the anti-electron processes is the source of the quantum impact of gravitation

Gravitation is the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration of the Earth, our quantum treasure.

With these new insights, this book provides the theoretical proofs and the practical evidence for immediate large scale experiments with the Hydrogen process and the Pyramid construction to solve the world’s energy problems, using Nature’s gifts of gravitation and elementary processes.