Zoltan J Kiss

Experiments presented on this page were made in the Timar Workshop in Paks, Hungary, together with Gabor Timar and Istvan Balogh in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Equipment and tools were manufactured within the same workshop.

There are two kinds of experiments presented in this page:

(1) proof that acceleration intensifies elementary processes and has its electron process impact; and

(2) cement minerals mixed with elements of increased energy content – Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Calcium, Silicon, Magnesium, Aluminium, Titan and others – are capable to utilise the electron blue shift and proton process surplus of these elements.


Light bulbs will be lighting and will be not - depending on the speed of the rotation, the acceleration at the periphery of the rotating disc. Bulbs have been connected to constant electricity supply for the whole experiment.


The accelerating effect of the rotation increases the intensity of the elementary (proton-neutron) processes within the structure of the working disc.


With the increase of the peripheral speed and the acceleration of the rotation the intensity of the elementary process grows. The electron blue shift conflict, which generates light within the bulbs, will be decreasing with the growth of the speed and will be finally off, as the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qQ0IIQDL48 site demonstrates it. The light impact will be back with the slowing down of the rotation.


Clicking on quantum results here, the summary of the experiments with two discs in acceleration can be reviewed. Rotation creates potential difference, it is known. Rotation has its certain effect on the electricity flow, it is also known. The importance of the findings here is that these events have their own process based quantum energy and mass balance explanation.


Clicking here on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwglWN-5Jqc the short video demonstrates to you: balanced mass-energy transformation creates strong and stable - balanced - elementary structure, a matrix withstanding even radical heat impact.


The message of the video is: minerals of certain composition with blue shift deficit fully utilise the blue shift surplus of the above elements and water. In conventional terms we would say "they commonly use their electron trajectories".


The established balance of the mass-energy transformation of the proton and the energy-mass re-transformation of the neutron processes creates almost non-destructible elementary matrix. (Obviously: there is no full balance - the entropy law of the nature is a key!)


The created cement based concrete (called OXIDTRON, product of BioEkoTech Hungary) withstands radical mechanical and heat effects. The improved balance of the mass-energy transformation process of the elementary matrix simply does not need external energy. The established balance acts as a shield: protects (as the nature in the case of the diamond) from any external blue shift impact.


While extremely heated from one side, the other side of the concrete plate remains cold for long. After a certain limit it releases the water built earlier in. This is the point when the external energy prevails against the internal. And the water as re-formulated within the structure simply flows away. No steam, as proof the temperature remained low.


This "concrete experiment" has its importance on the solution of the Fukushima case - the subject of the other page of the site.