Zoltan J Kiss
Faster than Light ?

The news was that muon-neutrinos have made the 730 km distance between CERN and Gran Sasso National Laboratory (Italy ) with higher speed than that of the speed of light.

The question here was: what was the event which has happened and what was the one they have measured within the laboratories at the two ends?


The time system of the elementary process of the huge electromagnets at the two ends of the path has been intensified. This is the consequence of the huge blue shift impact, necessary for creating extraordinary magnetic features.


The muon-neutrinos travel the given distance, but the measured duration within the system of reference of the magnets - as their time system is intensified - is less. Therefore the result is higher CALCULATED speed value!


This is not about a higher speed than the speed of light, rather the result of a measurement with electromagnets of increased intensity!

The demonstration of the consequence of the increased blue shift load of the electromagnets is attached.


By the way:

The "speed of light" is the speed of the quantum communication, the speed of the propagation of any quantum impacts, signals or information within the given quantum system. The load of the quantum system has always been established by the speed of the quantum communication. Therefore the quantum speed can be of different value, depending on the load of the system, but in this case the case and the reason are different.