Zoltan J Kiss
Nuclear Waste is Priority

The priority problem of the nuclear industry today is the generation of nuclear waste.

Safe operation can always be improved. The safety culture with management control and review techniques, technical solutions and control systems is subject to permanent progress and development. Accidents and events might happen, but the dedication of nuclear operators, the overall preparedness and intelligence of the nuclear industry to reduce this possibility and cope with the consequences if any, gives the necessary confidence for operation.

The problem is the nuclear waste.


Nuclear waste today is of different dimension than it was decades ago. The challenge the nuclear industry is facing today is taking care of elements with destroyed elementary structure, the end product of nuclear based energy generation.


Our modern industrial and social life is in fact about "organised" destruction of the environment.


All our human technologies and industrial activities are about the destruction of the Weak Interrelation, utilising the "benefit" of the modified electron process. Burning, melting and froze, mixing, steaming and produce waste, toxic, non-toxic or any kind, but do not impact the Strong Interrelations and with that the proton-neutron process balance.


Nuclear based energy generation is about the use of the "benefit" of the destroyed Strong Interrelation of the fuel element. The damaged elementary structure means damaged elementary and quantum processes. The more we operate the more is the nuclear waste we generate.


The production of nuclear waste in the volume as per of our experience today is only acceptable if we have the technology of the rehabilitation of elementary processes or have our option for changing the energy generation technology without the damage of the natural balance.


The future of the energy supply needs open mind and new approach! Nature will not leave us without energy. The energy source of our future is with us, but it needs common efforts and most importantly saving the natural balance.