Zoltan J Kiss
Pyramid: energy pump


The anti-electron process blue shift impact of the elementary processes of the elementary evolution of the Earth from the plasma state to the Hydrogen process is the quantum impact of gravitation. This quantum impact is generating electron process blue shift conflict inside the pyramid.

The surface of the casing of the pyramid is larger than the surface of its base. The intensity of the quantum impact of gravitation though the casing shall harmonise with the intensity of the external quantum system (of the environment). The continuity of the quantum impact between the casing and the external quantum system this way can only be guaranteed if the intensity of the quantum impact of gravitation through the basic surface is more. This difference in the intensities is causing internal conflict within the elementary structure of the pyramid. The internal conflict increases the speed of the quantum communication within the pyramid, which in fact remains hidden from us as we are operating on the Earth surface (within our space-time) with our “own speed of light” value.

The results of this quantum impact and conflict are presented in the attached two home videos.

The first demonstrates that the small pyramid is generating 300-900 mV energy potential. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_im4AA4HvQ The wires built into the pyramid bring out the conflict. There is a measured mV potential between the top of the pyramid and the grounding on Earth surface. (Moving the contact at the ground it redefines again and again the generating potential.) The small pyramid in my garden, built up from an especially prepared concrete mix is the precise replica of the Great Giza Pyramid, with its mass 25 million times less than that of the Great Pyramid.

This voltage generation is an important fact, but the real “miracle” is the measured -50 mV feeding impact of the Earth gravitation in the February-April period in Hungary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrysEWZdTpc It means: the energy potential of the grounding is higher than the potential of the pyramid!

The second video shows the change from positive voltage to negative one. It was an evening measurement, and it is a little bit boring, but the inflexion itself could not be shortened. The change happened before eight. The external temperature was 21.0 C, the internal within the pyramid was 29.4 C. The results before nine were already -7.1 mV with 20.0 and 27.9 Celsius, later -12.4 mV with 18.8 C and 26.6 C temperatures and one hour later the -15.4 mV measurement with 18.8 and 25.6 Celsius. The potential difference in the morning still was -20.4 mV. It was too cold. The external temperature was 15.5 C and the internal temperature of the pyramid was 23.0 C.

The two videos also well demonstrate the relation of the external and the internal temperatures. The internal temperatures, because of the conflict, were always higher than the external.

Pyramids are the instruments of quantum communication. There is no need for wires. The generating within the pyramids energy intensity potential is transported to another space-time with similar quantum speed value by quantum communication - for use. The distance has no importance. The distinguishing characteristic of space-times is the quantum speed of their quantum communication. Pyramids are like energy-pumps. The transported energy always corresponds to the demand, until the pyramid as structure and the Earth as source are capable to provide it. But they are.

When I measure negative voltage, it means the energy (intensity) generated by the pyramid is less than its consumption (somewhere in the space-time matrix). And for corresponding to the demand the feeding impact from gravitation is immediately meeting it, even through the top.

While the gravitation is the main source, the external temperature, the energy of the Sunshine is also contributing to the developing within the pyramid conflict. This is the reason pyramids have been built up in hot places: it is efficient and the temperature increase remains unnoticed. 

The description of the experiment is given here as extract from “The Quantum Impulse and the Space-Time Matrix” book, published in July 2015.