Zoltan J Kiss
Quantum impact and time

The very basics are the time formula , the work formula  and the acceleration

Quantum Energy impact of the Earth (gravitation) is available for us to use!


Matter exists in two forms: mass and energy.


The quantum energy and mass balance is the basis of the structure of the elementary world. Elements are the results of the transformation of mass into energy and the retransformation of energy into mass.


The key is the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration for infinite time, the motion with limi=c.


Everything starts with the definition of time.


What is time? Can the definition of time be given without an event? What is the all-over-acting-universal-event which establishes time? 


Trying to answer these questions we come to the conclusion that, without an event, the definition of time cannot be given. The time is (the intensity of) the impact of an event makes on the quantum system.

No event would mean no time. And no time would mean no matter.


We think we easily detect the mass part of matter. We must not forget, however, that we measure, in fact, the effect of the mass change rather than the mass itself. But where is the energy part?


In our conventional understanding, energy is something that has been spent or lost, which disappears, giving in return results: motion or work. The existence of the matter in time, its quantum energy and mass balance proves that energy cannot be lost.


Mass in sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration will result in having less and less own mass value, finally reaching its entropy status. But the energy must also be present. A part of matter during the mass transformation cannot disappear!


The energy is not just present! During the transformation of mass into energy there will be a point when the process turns around: matter transforms from its energy status into mass. The retransformation of energy into mass is the sphere symmetrical accelerating collapse.


Why are the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration and accelerating collapse the only forms of the existence of the mass status of the matter?


Motion with constant speed is relative. It is identical to stationary status or to status of rest. Both, relative and the absolute statuses of rest would mean no impact, "no event". Therefore, the acceleration is obligatory. Nothing else can give the natural freedom, just the sphere symmetrical expansion and collapse.


Material world is built up on permanent change, harmony and balance. The process is simple: transformation of mass into energy and re-transformation of energy into mass — sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration against sphere symmetrical accelerating collapse.


Proton is the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration of mass from limv=0, the quasi stationary status, up to speed limi=c — the transformation of mass into energy.

Neutron is the sphere symmetrical accelerating collapse of mass from quantum entropy status, speed of limi=c  to  limv=0 — re-transformation of energy into mass.

The electron process is sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration of mass at constant limi=c  speed for infinite time, approaching the status of quantum entropy — the blue shift drive of the transformation process. 


The entropy principle ensures: the transformation and the re-transformation parts of the balance are never completely equal. The entropy principle also guaranties: matter is always in mass or energy status, but simultaneously never in both.


Mass-energy and energy-mass transformations happen in time. Change in time is: intensity. The entropy in balanced cycles results in — infinite small, the smallest possible — unresolved intensity imbalance or intensity reserve — energy quantum!


The accumulating intensity imbalance, the system of all energy quantum is the Quantum System of Reference.


The Quantum System of Reference is sensitive to blue shift impact and reacts as a loaded membrane: Any impact is transferred in any direction with speed of c — the speed of light (the transmission of the impulse). [There are no "flying" photons!] The Quantum Membrane is the one, which transfers the generated quantum energy impact.


Elements vary. They are — with their specific proton-neutron process intensity and electron process time shift — the materialized appearances of the balanced mass-energy transformation. Any deviation from this mass-energy balance results in magnetic features, isotopes, alpha, beta, gamma, neutron radiation and other "particles".


There are infinite time systems existing in parallel. The intensity of events, measured as impact within systems of reference is function of the time flow. The same "absolute" event has different impact within the elementary world and within the system of reference of the Earth. (Our time system of reference on the Earth is infinite times slower than the time system of elements. It means, our measurements, relative to the elementary world are intensified in infinite times. Events within the elementary world with infinite long duration therefore might be measured as static particles within our Earth system of reference.)


Communication between systems of reference, their impact to each other depends on their intensity relations. Systems can communicate with each other if their time systems are of the same dimension.


Acceleration of elementary processes close to c, makes the communication with the system of reference of the Earth possible.


Earth gravitation generates blue shift. This blue shift impact can only be utilized within the elementary world, if elementary "particles" are speeded up. The closer their speed is to c the more intensive is the electron generation of the element in acceleration. Generation of electron surplus is result of the impact of gravitation.


Particle accelerators may produce energy!


Our future depends on energy. In order to escape from the energy trap and to find the way out, we have to appreciate the global rule: balanced change in time. It is important to make a note on this, because our energy generation practice today is mainly based on the destruction of the balance.


Quantum Engine is our future energy source!