Zoltan J Kiss
The quantum impulse


  1. The quantum impulse (quantum) is the entropy product of the elementary processes, the residual impacting capacity. It is of infinite low intensity.
  2. The electron process is blue shift quantum impact with certain speed value and intensity. The origin of the blue shift impact is the expanding electron process at constant speed.
  3. The quantum impulses are the ones establishing the quantum system. The quantum system is impacted by electron process blue shift impact of certain quantum speed.
  4. Quantum impulses (quantum) are transferring quantum impacts and signals without any modification. The blue shift impact of the electron process is propagating:
  • either without any loss of the intensity, if the quantum system is without other impacts; or
  • with the conflicting impact of other electron process blue shift impacts; blue shift conflict either stops the propagation or results in the loss of the quantum speed value and intensity.

It is important to note that process and anti-process run in parallel and parts of the same cycle. The generation of the quantum impulse relates to the cycle as a single impulse.