Zoltan J Kiss
The strange-let in CERN


The Hydrogen process – with its neutron process of infinite low intensity – is a unique one.

The infinite low intensity of the neutron process is the reason why we cannot measure this process and believe Hydrogen process does not have neutron process. But the proton process within the Strong Interrelation cannot be left without the balancing neutron process part, whatever is its intensity!  

The reason of the infinite low intensity of the neutron process is that the Hydrogen process is the last elementary process of the elementary evolution. The last elementary process cannot have its finish. The sequence of the infinite number of elementary cycles cannot have its end status. Therefore the neutron process potential of the Hydrogen process is accumulating and accumulating...for infinite time and comes to collapse as part of the plasma process.

The neutron collapse of the plasma and the Hydrogen processes are one and the same.

The acceleration of the Hydrogen protons also means the acceleration of its non-measurable neutron processes of the explained infinite low intensity. With the speed of the acceleration, approaching c, the intensity of elementary process is increasing. The non-measurable in normal circumstances neutron process of the Hydrogen process as a strange-let might be showing up.